Sacred Geometry Fullerene

The fullerene (crystal object) here is said to be a “figure of the strongest power” consisting of a 32-faceted “perfect polyhedron” of pentagons and hexagons, and was developed by Takako Terasawa, inspired by the universe, as one of the devices to circulate the cosmic energy of the Great Central Sun to the polyhedron.

This fullerene can be used to purify and protect space, as well as assist in the awareness, awakening and transformation of the person holding it. It can be made into objects, earrings, pendants, straps, etc. to wear and carry around.

Fullerene Creation Workshop

A workshop on how to become a fullerene creator. In the process of creating with crystals, you will feel various inner realizations, and after the completion of the workshop, you will be able to meet a new you.

The stone used is a 6mm AAA-ranked crystal, and the finished size will be 4cm. After the workshop, you will be certified as a fullerene creator, and you will be able to create as many fullerenes as you like.

We also offer on-site workshops, so please let us know using the inquiry form.

  • Course fee
    (including materials)
    16,000 yen

Fullerene Protection

The invisible “energetic magnetic field” and “spiritual magnetic field” are used to protect the inside of the boundary.

Fullerene is used to fill the inside of a person’s aura with the energy of cosmic love derived from the Great Central Sun. This guards the aura against any negative influences (thoughts, psychic attacks) from entering the aura. At the same time, we return the love of the universe to the person who is sending us thoughts.

In addition, when you apply fullerene protection, your vibrations will become higher and stronger. It is a protection of love that can make you, others, and even the people who are sending you their thoughts happy.

The effect of one session lasts about a week. After that, it is recommended to renew the energy in the aura as needed with “follow-up protection”. Remote sessions are also available.

  • 1 time2,000 yen
  • 4 week plan
    (1 time per week x 4)
    6,000 yen

Protection Professional Training Course

You will be able to use fullerenes to protect yourself and others. This is a 3-hour course that includes a teaching called Cosmic Surgery. Upon completion of the course, you will be certified as a Fullerene Protection Professional.

We can also travel to your location. Please let us know using the inquiry form.

  • Fullerene creators20,000 yen
  • Others
    (With 6mm fullerene)
    34,000 yen

Fullerene Facelift

This is a facial lift-up using Great Central Sun energy. Remote sessions are also available.

  • 20 min3,000 yen

Cosmic Operation – Neck Implant Removal

This session will remove plasma implants implanted 26,000 years ago and transform them into the loving energy of Grade Central Sun.

An implant is an instrument or material implanted in the living body. There are many different types of implants, and they are embedded not only in the physical body, but also in the etheric, astral, and higher energy bodies.

Negative implants have the following adverse effects.

  • Unable to free themselves
  • Refuse to awaken
  • Unable to connect with the universe
  • Unaware of your abilities
  • Controlled by fear
  • Dependent on others, etc.

Neck plasma implant removal is a once-in-a-lifetime procedure.

There is a one week preparation period before the procedure and four weeks of healing and energy support after the procedure.

We hope that this session will make your life more and more wonderful.

*This includes 1 week of energy support before the surgery and 4 weeks after the surgery.

  • 1 time55,000 yen

Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a healing technique that originated in Japan and is loved all over the world. It is used to improve the condition of the body, chakras, and aura by applying and holding hands. Please enjoy a moment of love, healing, and peace of mind.

  • 40 min5,000 yen
  • 60 min7,000 yen

Usui Reiki Attunement

You can learn to use Reiki by receiving an attunement (transmission) from a Reiki teacher. Why not make your hands “healing hands” and heal yourself and your loved ones?

  • 1st degree25,000 yen
  • 2nd&3rd degree36,000 yen
  • Teacher degree55,000 yen
  • Follow-up coursefrom 5,000 yen

Access Bars (Brain Detox)

Access Bars is a detoxification therapy for the brain. By gently touching 32 points on the head with your fingers, unwanted energy (thoughts, emotions, etc.) is released. Enjoy the ultimate feeling of relaxation, as if you are in deep meditation.

  • 40 min5,000 yen
  • 60 min7,000 yen

Wave Regulator


TimeWaver analyzes information at the 12-dimensional level and approaches the 6-dimensional and higher realms regarding the past and future. By returning you to your original information field, you will be able to feel the meaning and significance of your life with a sense of purpose, accelerating the realization of your desires and assisting you to lead a more livable life. Each session includes 30 minutes of counseling. After the session, a one-month remote wave adjustment is included.

  • Trial session (60 min)11,000 yen
  • Regular session (90 min)22,000 yen
  • Regular session (120 min)33,000 yen
  • Discount ticket (120 min 3 times)88,000 yen

Pure Healing

This is a healing session that unfolds with higher dimensional beings such as angels and dragons. The following work is combined to make the energy adjustments necessary for you at this time. Remote sessions are also available.

  • 30 min4,000 yen
  • 10 min extension1,000 yen


  • Purification by Angels and Unicorns
  • Ascended Master Sanat Kumara


  • Angel Healing
  • Traveling Cheering Angels
  • Archangel Rafael’s Healing Hands
  • Archangel Joffiel Healing


  • Grounding by White Dragon


  • Akashic Reading
  • Oracle Card Reading

Body Care

Balinese Treatment

It is a technique that originated in the royal court of Java, Indonesia, and has been handed down and developed over thousands of years. The unique technique is expected to enhance physical functions and beauty, relieve stress and fatigue, and strengthen the immune system. It can be added as an option to all face-to-face sessions (Usui Reiki Treatment, Access Bars, Healy, DNA Healing). (Licensed by the Indonesian government.)

  • 60 min7,000 yen